My mom found her lump while we were on vacation at Disney World.  She kept it to herself, she didn’t want to ruin our trip that we were all so excited for.  I found my lump three days before we were leaving for a big trip to Disney World.  I kept it to myself also I didn’t want to ruin our family trip.   My kids were so excited I couldn’t even tell my husband.  What are the odds?  Is it the stress of planning a big trip?  I don’t think so, my husband planned the whole thing. It was a great trip, both times.  On the return home I went to the doctor and the process began.  The biopsy, then the decisions to be made.  I was overwhelmed with information. Then surprised that I had to decide how I was going to treat my cancer.  That was not what I expected.  I was expecting the doctor to tell my what was going to happen.  Everyone I told that I had breast cancer said I needed to go to Dr. Gold. That she is the absolute best and they were right.  Dr. Gold referred me to a medical Onoclogist in my area.  He is really good too.  My husband did want a second opinion and Dr.Gold said she understands and sent all the records to the university hospital that I was going to with out a problem.  That was quite the experience. You make an appointment and be prepared for a 12 hour day at the university.  You see different doctors. You see the surgeon then the medical Onoclogist then a representative from the American Cancer society and a social worker, (this is done with a group of people that are in the same boat as you.) Then they run some tests. I remember thinking why did Dr.Gold bother sending my test results if they are going to run the same test?  Next was the Plastic surgeon. I remember looking at his brochure and thinking wouldn’t you put pictures of the best reconstructions you have done, cuz these boobs don’t look too good.  I hadn’t met with the plastic surgeon that Dr. Gold partners with yet but I would bet anything that her boob reconstructions are better.  The doc at the university was very nice but by now I am thinking I want Dr. Gold and the other docs she puts together as your team and be close to home.  I waited to see when the university was going to start the ball rolling on my treatment. And the only decision I had to make about my treatment was if I was going to have a lump ectomy, a mastectomy or a double mastectomy.  Their tests would determine what drugs I would get and they were doing the surgery first then chemotherapy and radiation. After all that would come the bad boob job.