What they don’t tell you!

No one told me and I didn’t fine any information on what to expect.  I knew i would lose my hair at some point. But, my hair started to fall out after my first chemo treatment. My periods stopped and never returned. Ok timeout…… So you may be thinking that’s a good thing, no more periods,  well when you go into menopause the sex life goes down the crapper.  I for one like being intimate with my husband and didn’t expect to have to work at it.  Next the pain is terrible.  I don’t consider myself a hard core, I can take any thing you can throw at me, but I am not a whimp either.  The pain from the shot that keeps your white blood cells up so you don’t get sick from something else kicked my butt!  And what really made me mad was if I heard one more story of how someone knew someone or a story on the intranet that someone had cancer and never missed one day of work and it barely changed their life at all and you never would have guessed they had cancer, I was going to SCREEM!  It’s painful, It’s draining, It’s depressing!