Earlier I mentioned the pain. The pain was deep bone pain.

Sometimes in the joints and sometimes in the long bones, like

the femur (the thigh bone) and the humerus bone (the upper arm

Bone). When it was the joints it was all of them. My Docs were great at giving me

medication that helps the pain. But chasing the pain was not fun at all. One thing

No one told me was that if the first drug doesn’t help the pain call your doctors office

And let them know its not working that you need to try something else. I would wait

until my next doctor appointment until I told him the pain meds aren’t working

And would suffer through it until then. DON’T DO THAT!! After one day if what

they give you doesn’t touch the pain get on the phone call the docs office and get

something else.

Thanks to the Opioid epidemic the doctors can’t just call in a script for you.

You have to drive back to the office pick up a hand written script then take it to

your pharmacy and give your drivers license. Oh and before your doc gives you

the prescription, you will sign a paper saying you will not abuse or sell the drug in question.

Once you get the pain manageable you get a new problem. Now your constipated.

Like you need any new problems! It was not until the constipation got so bad I couldn’t

take it anymore, And tried everything over the counter, that I called the nurse at the

doctors office to ask what I could do. That’s when I learned a valuable remedy for the

problem at hand! This is very valuable information and you can use it for any kind

of constipation. Mix in a glass equal parts Milk Of Magnesia ( the cherry one for me, the Mint one made me gag.)

Prune juice , and coffee. Swallow it down , it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

This is were there is no other way to explain what happened next but to say, My butt exploded!

I was surprised i didn’t crack the toilet bowl. I know its not very lady like to talk about what one

does in the bathroom but this is valuable information that should be shared. Now there is a drug

that is a prescription for Opioid induced constipation. REALLY? I am taking enough drugs dealing

with cancer, a little home remedy that fixes the problem in no time, I would prefer that, THANK