Boy I should have named this blog the lazy breast cancer blog. It’s been so long since I have written anything. In my home we always say excuses are for losers. But I really think it’s the pain pills I am still on for the pain that never went away. I think the Norco makes me not feel like doing much. I was in an accident back in 1986 that has left me with some arthritis. But the pain I talked about last time that was going on during chemo has never really gone away. Its not as bad as during the treatments but it is bad enough that over the counter pain killers don’t touch it and I can’t function without some pain relief . It is still the long bones and joints that the pain still affects. The more people I talk to the more I find I am not alone. Some cancer survivors feel great when all treatment is over, but some of us are not so lucky. The cancer is gone but the pain remains. I live in Michigan so the cold doesn’t help. I know this because I went to Florida over Christmas break and I felt good being in the warm climate and was more active. I rode a bike a lot on vacation and I felt so much better. I will be doing that more at home when the weather gets warmer up here in the mitten! The date of me posting this is April 12, 2018 and we still are getting snow here. Hopefully by May it will get warmer! So what to do about the pain 4 and a half years post chemo besides pain pills? Yoga seems to help. Working out like I use to is too painful and Yoga is so calming, and does help. I really can’t wait to ride my bike though. I felt so much better then and took less pain meds then. So we will see if that works again when it gets warmer here. If it works then I will be getting a stationary bike for the days riding outside is not doable. I will keep you posted! I am still looking for ways to get off the opioids. I did for a short time try CBD oil. It helps with the arthritis but not with the bone pain in my legs or the neuropathy in my feet. Yes neuropathy is another side effect of chemo therapy. I take Cymbalta for that and it works real well. Cymbalta is more commonly used for depression and anxiety but has been found to also help with fibromyalgia, chronic muscle or bone pain and peripheral neuropathy.

Once I start bike riding I will let you know how it goes!